The following interventions have been found to be effective in a community setting;

Workplace Prevention Program: Characteristics Linked to Positive Outcomes***

The workplace is an ideal setting for prevention interventions and policies not only to address work-related issues but potentially for parenting skills training.

In general, workplace prevention programs have multiple components that include integrated policies and interventions.  Like the school-based policies, in the workplace, policies should be clearly communicated and involve all stakeholders.

Alcohol and drug testing should only be considered if it is a part of a comprehensive program that includes opportunities for counseling and treatment.

In addition, as the workplace can be a source of stress, courses that provide coping skills are important components of a workplace prevention program.  Structuring workplace prevention programming within other health or wellness programs reduces stigma and enhances participation.

Almost all of the evidence-base interventions we discussed, managers, employees, and workplace health staff receive training about their role and functions relative to the prevention interventions and implementation of policies. Finally, again as with school policies, non-punitive approaches and guaranteed confidentiality enhances the positive outcomes of these programs.  This is particularly important as substance users who have been through treatment are reintegrated into the workforce.

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